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Our Mission

At Home Base Shepherd, we are a family-owned business that operates in the heart of the Midwest, the Great Lakes State, Michigan. We take great pride in breeding high-quality health tested West German Showline German Shepherds as family companions. However, we do prepare your puppy to have the foundational qualities for whatever preference you seek whether that be for show, workability, service, therapy, or companionship. We have a deep love for the German Shepherd breed and believe that they fit in well with our family's active lifestyle. We only want what is best for the breed. All of our family members play an active daily role in molding our dogs and puppies into healthy, well socialized, adjusted, and adaptable companions. These are key to having a well-rounded and "ready for anything" type of dog. All of our females have been carefully selected from all around the world as breeding prospects. Each of them have been in our family prior to their first birthday and some since they were puppies. We health test our females and outsource studs to ensure that our females are bred to the highest standards possible. All our dogs and puppies are AKC registered. Health, safety, temperament, well-being, and the breed standard are of the utmost priority. We are committed to providing the best care possible to our dogs and their puppies. We welcome you into our home to find the puppy that makes your heart achieve unconditional love. We are confident that when you meet our dogs, you will love them too! 

Meet The Females

What Sets Us Apart?

*Indulge yourself by receiving a dog that brings your life closer to perfection*

1. We carefully select our females to make sure they will mesh well with our current pack and family. We strongly believe and want you to select a puppy that fits into your home and lifestyle as well. Is a West German Showline Shepherd right for you? What does it look like to own a West German Showline Shepherd? We welcome you to come to our home and see. We also recognize that each of our shepherds have unique personalities and temperaments. They all vibe differently, independently and together. It is important to stay focused on this and have that understanding to keep our home moving smoothly and maintained. 

2. Our program is very Intimate. Our focus is on the select few breeding females we do have. You are receiving quality over quantity with our females. It's all about the connections we make. We form strong and deep bonds with our females and provide each of them our devoted time, energy, and effort. All of our females grew up and live 24/7 daily life with an infant, toddler, and special needs individual. They embody family living. Our dogs have to always be ready to trust our family and to endure whatever comes. Our dogs have to be flexible and adjust in a moment's notice. They are subjected to uncontrolled stimulus throughout the day complimentary of our infant, toddler, and special needs adult son. Examples of uncontrolled stimuli include, but are not limited to, crying babies, random drop bys from family, friends, neighbors, loud noises, throwing of toys, having a child get in their face to love on them, having every part of their body handled multiple times a day by different people, tantrums from a toddler and special needs adult, etc.

We take pride in the socialization we do with our dogs spanning across a wide variety of people (old, young, middle aged, disabled/special needs) along with other dogs (young, middle aged, old, and different breeds). Our dogs live alongside one another, day in and day out, so their lives intertwine together to become family. When visitors come over, our dogs are expected to socialize and engage just like every other family member. They are not tucked away from exposure to new things and new people, they are thrown in, to learn adaptability. This is how they learn to thrive in different settings. This is vital to how they react and respond to new stimulus. That's why it is of the utmost importance to start socialization early on and to make each new experience as positive as possible, so your dog does not associate new with fear or aggression. 

When we take in new dogs or our dogs have a litter of puppies, our family is ready to incorporate them into our lives 100% of the time. The relationships and bonds our family builds with our dogs is built on a deep level of love and care. You can see this in our toddler son when the dogs go to the vet and they are taken out of the room for a shot or nail trimming, he immediately breaks down and thinks his dog is not coming back, the stranger is taking away his dog forever. This is very raw and real for him. You can see this in the gentleness our dogs provide our new infant child and the patience and tenderness with their actions towards our adult special needs son.

3. All of our breeding females are descended from well known titled parents and bloodlines

4. We specialize in low to medium drive. We do not breed high drive dogs

5. All of our breeding prospects are DM clear. 

6. Our program chooses to outsource studs to ensure the highest quality puppies possible. We only breed our females to DM clear studs

7. You will not find our dogs in kennels. We are home base shepherd, not home base kennel

Our 6
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